Rob Bell review

I know… the title is kind of pandering to the search engines…

But, since this is always such a hot and lively topic here at Amazinggreycity, I thought I would alert you to a very gracious review of Bell’s “the god’s are not angry” DVD.

Scot McKnight is a great New Testament scholar that has a bleeding heart for the emergent and seeker churches. Not that that is bad… it is just an observation filtered through my value for both of those. — Anyway, he reviews the show and gives a pretty good summary (he was able to do it in, uhmm, 4 short paragraphs). Due to the length of the summary, 1/4 of it was dedicated to, what I took to be, the shortcoming. Here is what McKnight concludes with:

Because of my own study of atonement, I kept waiting for Rob to come forth with a theory of atonement but he didn’t…

Now, that is not the whole statement. He does work very hard to redeem Bell… but, the statement is true. In fact, that is my real discomfort with the whole presentation. How can you speak of what Christ does and not speak about “Atonement?” I still don’t get it…


Read the whole review here…


- ross

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