reading Scripture in community

Hello dear friends. I have started this blog to discuss God, the Scriptures and the world. Essentially, most discussions will erupt from my time spent studying the text of Scripture and books that I am currently reading. Hope you will stop by often and interact with me. As one of my professors {Dr. Jeff Bingham} repeatedly said, ‘We must read Scripture in community.” What he meant was that we have 2,000 years of Church history with which to gauge our understanding of the text, as well as the church community with which we are currently involved. Too often we just read the Bible by ourselves with little to no interaction with others. Perhaps this type of reading by itself can yield dangerous results {IT CAN!}. Therefore, I desire your interaction, coupled with history and your present community. Please stand by…


One comment

  1. “Those who presume to grasp Holy Scripture and the Law of God with their own intellect and to understand them by their own effort are exceedingly in error.” – Martin Luther

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