Reflections on Ezekiel: Introduction and Chapter 1

I have been studying the book of Ezekiel as of late. I am halfway through and am staggered at the wealth of knowledge contained in the prophet’s words. Very pertinent words for today {as God’s Word always is}. I will be posting some thoughts from the book here. Feel free to interact or just glean.

Whoa. This book is full of imagery. The opening chapter would make a great movie, at least the special effects department would have their work cut out for them. But, as an introduction, let me lay a foundation so that we may better understand Ezekiel’s visions and message. The Lord called Ezekiel in July of 593 B.C., 4 years after the first wave of deportation of the Jewish people into exile {the Jewish people had turned their backs on the LORD, so subsequently they were invaded by their enemies and taken away as prisoners to a foreign land}. It appears that Ezekiel was among the first group taken away to Mesopotamia in 597.

Ezekiel has a vision of the LORD, which is elaborate and awesome, to say the least. Very strange creatures, almost Star Wars-like. George Lucas could do wonders with this vision. However, I’m sure any human attempt to capture the glory of the LORD would fall miserably short. But, the LORD does appear to Ezekiel in his cultural situation. Ezekiel and his audience would have certainly been familiar with these types of images. We may think they are bizarre and could only be conjured up by LSD and a good Grateful Dead concert, but Ezekiel was at home with this vision. You see, culturally, people of the ancient Near East had many sculptures of these part-human, part-animal creatures who attended the thrones of kings. What is great about God here, is that He appears and appeals to Ezekiel’s context. Something he would recognize. Ezekiel knew that he was in the presence of a powerful King, and he knew that the King was none other than YAHWEH Himself, the God of Israel. And so he does what anyone in God’s presence should do: he falls on his face.

As you meditate on chapter 1, remember how glorious and awesome God is-and fall on your face…


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