Top 10 Albums

Okay, I thought I’d include my Top 10 favorite albums/cd’s of all time. The only criteria here is that with each album, no song could be deleted or it it would have devastating effects on the album’s entirety. I am talking total “completeness” would be lost if one track was removed. This implies that every song is genius and perfect, and has its place in the song lineup. Therefore, this limits the number of albums because many albums have “floater” songs that might be disposable. We’re talking as if the heavenly realm were somewhat involved in this process. If I were stranded on a desert island, this would be the 10 that I would have to have with me to remain sane:

1. The Beatles- The White Album
Its got it all. Every member and every style is representin’. ‘Honey Pie’ and ‘Martha My Dear’ get me every time.

2. Over the Rhine- Good Dog Bad Dog: The Home Recordings
This is OTR at their best. Stripped down and recorded in a 3rd story apartment. And capturing the original foursome before the original guitarist and drummer departed. Genius. Perfection. And definitely an album to fall in love with {and be the soundtrack to a relationship with that someone special in your life!}.

3. The Prayer Chain- Mercury
Where would I be without this one? Fall of 1995. The weather was changing in Texas and so did the Chain’s style. They threw in a little more world music influences {thank you Steve Hindalong} with their dreamy tones and they had me with the opening track ‘Humb.’ Wayne Everett is absolutely the best drummer ever {next to Steve Hindalong of course!}.

4. The Choir- Circle Slide
When it rains, this is the first disc to be played. If I lived in Seattle, I’m sure I would get sick of this disc. Maybe not. Its just pure “alternative” {back when alternative was alternative to metal, not trendy alternative!}.

5. The Seventy Sevens- Sticks and Stones
Again, another alternative album when alt was alt. Mike Roe just might be the best lyricist ever. And when I couldn’t make that concert in Fall ’01, Josh Havens of the Afters [see Links section] was kind enough to bring me Starbucks in the delivery room {Jamin was born} but also to get a guitar pick from Mike Roe with a special message to Jamin written on it. Thanks for going to the show and gettin’ me some love from the 77’s, Josh!

6. Radiohead- OK Computer
Do I need to say anything here?

7. The Verve- Urban Hymns
Gotta love the UK! Its a Bitter Sweet Symphony…

8. Mazzy Star- So Tonight That I Might See
A Rainy, Dreary, Cloudy Day + Hope Sandoval = Nap. Or a good book and a hot cup of tea.

9. Elliott Smith- XO
I was devastated the day I heard he died. I was angry. I was working at Starbucks, opened the newspaper, and was utterly shocked and came close to weeping. Truly one of the greatest losses in the world of music. SAD…

10. The Violet Burning- The Violet Burning
Tapped into every emotion that I had. And still does.

Okay, I realize that this was a foolish endeavor. There are many more, but I wanted to do a top 10 list of something. Here’s more that I couldn’t resist mentioning:

Counting Crows- August And Everything After
Lift To Experience- The Texas/Jerusalem Crossroads
Suzanne Vega- 99.9 F*
Michael Knott- A Rocket And A Bomb
Cowboy Junkies- Pale Sun Crescent Moon
Fiona Apple- Tidal
Edie Brickell and New Bohemians- Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars
The Cranberries- Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?
Ben Folds Five- Whatever And Ever Amen
Harry Connick Jr.- Blue Light, Red Light
Natalie Merchant- Tigerlily
Remy Zero- Villa Elaine
Breakfast With Amy- Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt
David Wilcox- Home Again
Eleven Hundred Springs- Welcome To…
Monk- Hush
Mike Roe- Safe As Milk
Bob Marley- Legend
Lassie Foundation- California
The Lemonheads- It’s A Shame About Ray
The Swoon- The Swoon

This is just a start. I left out many classics… Asher is crying so I must go…



  1. Like I said, I left out many classics. 1989-90, senior year of high school, …And Justice For All was the soundtrack of my year…
    “Harbinger of sorrow!…”

  2. have you heard The Grey Album?

    the guy from Gnarls Barkley remixed and sampled The White Album and laid Jay-Z’s “The Black Album” lyrics over it. Freakin rawks. A must for such an eclectic man as yo-self.

  3. I have not. Gotta check that one out. What about Metallica’s black album lyrics over the white album? or over Jay-Z’S? Now THAT would be rockin, or illin’ or bloody awesome?

  4. Booyay! Here’s my top 11:

    1. Beatles – White Album
    2. Sufjan Stevens – Illinios (Yep it’s just that good!)
    3. Radiohead – OK Computer
    4. Beck – Mellow Gold
    5. Nick Drake – Pink Moon
    6. Flaming Lips – Soft Bulletin
    7. Built to Spill – Keep it Like a Secret
    8. Iron & Wine – The Creek that Drank the Cradle
    9. Jeremy Enigk – Return of the Frog Queen (Who said Jesus is bad for music?)
    10. Kink – Village Green Preservation Society
    11. T Rex – Electric Warrior

    It will probably be different tomorrow though.

  5. I hear ya. I forgot IRON AND WINE. that’s probably #11. Total completeness with his first disc {which you gave me!}.

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