Worship Album


I am working on a worship album, or songs which might be used in a corporate church setting {or in your car}. But don’t cross your fingers. My taste in music is probably very different from yours. Perhaps you will like it. It is very middle eastern/arabic/jewish/indian/reggae/gypsy-ish, or non-what you are accustomed to hearing in church kind of music [plus there’s a little trip-hop, artsy, Tom Waits-ish/Portoisehead kind of feel as well]. You know me, DIVERSITY is key. Multi-cultural worship seems to be the “style” in Heaven {Revelation 7:9-12}. Finally, no more worship wars. There’s a sample with no vocals on my other website, our family blog {Magness Opus}. Go to the music archive podcast to hear 3 samples. As soon as a few get “polished” I’ll post them on the other website. I’m going to bed. With 3 children, the only time to create is at night, but I’m getting too old for this late night business…



  1. HAZZA! Finally reggae worship! Can’t wait to hear the vocals. You can pick up a decent sounding, affordable mic at the Apple store to plug directly in your puter. Get to work!

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