Suffering and the Sovereignty of God


I know I have recommended books in the past, but this is a MUST READ! I’ve heard/watched the conference from which this book is adapted, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! If you’ve wondered about God’s goodness yet why He allows suffering {or if you’ve ever had someone question you why God allows suffering}, then this book will help explain the biblical doctrine of suffering. You must buy this book! It comes out next week {September 19th}. I urge you to get “Suffering and the Sovereignty of God” and re-inforce your faith in the goodness and sovereignty of God. No doubt that you have, will, or do know someone who has some tragic disease, loses a loved one, etc. This book will help you with your own questions and enable you to minister to others as they suffer. YOU MUST GET THIS ONE!



  1. It’s the age old question as it’s appeared throughout the ages, Why do bad things happen to “good” people?

    Or, if God loves me, why did this happen?

    I’ll put it on my “to get” list and then my “to read,” but I may even shoot the works and actually get around to reading it.

    Thanks for the recommendation and the release date.

    Sola gratia,

  2. rabbi, what’s up!
    classes have started this week! I’ve got a class with Dr. Richard Lints. It’s called critiques of christianity. I signed up to do a presentation for the class on the problem of evil. I may have to use this one as a resource.

    Awwl righht…. Tawl Drip…..Columbeeyaa if ya have it…

  3. Top,
    Hey, bro! Good to hear from you. I am excited for you. May the Lord bless your studies this year and may you know Him more and be transformed into His image {Col 3:10} and may His word be your delight {Psalm 119:174} and may His name, reputation, renown, fame, etc be the desire of your soul {Isa 26:8}.

    Miss you a lot. Looking forward to hearing about your semester. How’s the Mac?


  4. Man, it is good. There is so much to learn about. I feel that I am not using it to its full potential.
    My track pad is starting to accumulate a brown tarnish. Is that happening to yours? Plus, the computer sometimes whines when I turn it on, sort of like a moan. strange.

  5. Yeah, I think mine does some hybrid Yoda/Chewbacca sound. That’s normal. As for the brown… if i could do it all over, I’d go black. What was I thinking? WHITE??? I have 3 kids? This thing will be black before too long, so I guess I took the scenic route! But mine is still very clean and white, I make sure I wash my hands before I use it…I’m anal. Its inevitable, it will look “used” eventually, I’m just trying to delay the process as long as I can. But I am loving it! FREEDOM!

    {This sounds like we’re discusssing the new toilets we bought! Go back and read our remarks and think “TOILET”….}

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