Joseph Interrupted

As I have been reading through the OT in large portions, things have begun to stand out to me that I might not have caught had I only read according to our English chapter divisions. I noticed in Genesis 37 that Moses {who I believe to be the narrator of the book} begins telling of the account of Joseph, his betrayal by his brothers and his subsequent journey to Egypt as a slave. What stood out to me was this: why does Moses suddenly stop the flow of the Joseph narrative and interrupt it in chapter 38 with a story of Judah, Tamar, etc? I believe the reason is this: in chapter 38 Moses is showing the sexual corruption of several individuals. The reason he includes this in the middle of the Joseph story is because he wants to highlight the godly chracter of Joseph , who in the next chapter {39} flees from the sexual flirtations of Potiphar’s wife. Moses very cleverly, through the Spirit of God as he writes, includes the dark chapter of 38 with its sexually unrestrained characters in order to highlight and give an example of the godly man Joseph.

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