Does God Kill for Strange Fire?

In Leviticus 10 we see the narrative of the death of Nadab and Abihu, levitical priests, sons of Aaron who offered “strange fire” or unauthorized fire on the altar and as a result, the LORD consumed them with His fire which came out from before Him {Leviticus 10:1-2}. So why does Moses include this story in the middle of the Levitical holiness code? Why does Moses place it here in the book of Leviticus when he could have placed it anywhere as he compiled this book? I would suggest that it is because this story, which follows chapters 8-9, which details the consecration of Aaron and his sons as priests, was put here because Moses wanted to give them a reminder as to how serious their duty was. And how HOLY the LORD that they were serving is. God alone is the sovereign One and He alone determines how things must be carried out in this life. Let these words remind us anew that He is the Holy One of Israel and He alone has given us His Word to guide us. We must be obedient. And we can only be obedient by His grace.


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