Amazing Sermons

Here are some of the best sermons that I heard while attending Dallas Theological Seminary. All of the links go to the same page, I could not get each sermon to link correctly, so you will have to search for each speaker individually under DTS chapel.

Dr. Gordon Johnston A great overview of God working behind the scenes in the life of Esther, as well as our own.

Dr. Jeff Bingham Anything by Dr. Bingham is gold!

Dr. John Piper This message was revolutionary for me. Little did I know that this man would have such an impact on me.

Dr. Daniel Block Great lectureship on the Mosaic Law, Old Testament, etc.

Dr. Robert Chisholm Another great sermon from one of the best OT exegetes/theologians around.

Chip Ingram This was a sermon series that I heard my last semester. Chip’s passion is contagious. There was a great brown bag after this series too.



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