50 Most Influential Evangelical Books

Christianity Today has released it’s list of the top 50 most influential books. Since the number one book deals with this particular topic, I thought I’d list another great book on the matter.



  1. you should consider linking and posting on youtube. I bet you could draw 1,000s from yourtube alone to your site, become the internet Rabbi and accept donations through Paypal. I can help you set it up.


  2. I have. Funny you should mention that. What I want to do is film little short films that describe doctrine/theology. For instance, do a short film, creatively, of course, where I explain the doctrine of justification. Maybe just 5-10 minutes long, so that people can learn the major Bible doctrines and get a quick overview of them, even though they could be hours long. I’d also like to do a series on church history. I’ve definitely put a lot of thought into it. Now the big question is, when will I have time to do it? Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe we can get this thing off the ground. I have almost filmed one, so we’ll see!

  3. Additionally, you need to set up your site to accept donations through paypal. This way you could actually set up the first virtual chruch. See if amazinggreycity.org is available. I can buy it and set it up for you or you can find a MAC friendly host to do it with. You could actually already be building your church congregation. You have a party of five here.

    I just wish youtude was around when you, Kris, and I made videos in your garage and all the wrestling we did at Jay’s


  4. Yeah, if youtube had been around back in the day, that would have been just right for us. As for the website, I’m not interested in setting up paypal for anything. If I do/write/etc anything, it will be offered for free. Right now, just finding time to manage this blog is enough for me. By the way, how’s your blog coming along? How many hits you getting these days? Any news on your future? Keep me posted. Also, we should have a myspace up for the band soon. I’ll let you know. Peace.

  5. blog is dead right now. I tried to call you but got voicemail. What is a good date/time? Just e-mail it to me and I will give you a shout. We are getting the house ready to go on the market. Try to list in Nov/Dec. Hope to sell NLT Feb.

    Other than that, just normal stuff. I put on Major in December. Looking forward to that since it will most likely be my last rank increase; 6 years and counting down…..


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