Oso Closo

I have to tell you about this band: Oso Closo. Adrian Hulet is the mastermind behind this musical outift. I used to play in a band {Edgar} with Adrian back in the day when he was just a teenager and somehow we managed to sneak him into clubs. He’s beyond talented. Hands down the best drummer that I know. He’s played in several Dallas bands to date and now he’s jumped behind the piano and once again amazed me. Adrian, you still rock my world! I miss playing music with you. Fond memories of you, Ben, Chris, Jenny, and Bryan. Yes, Jenny, Edgar is/was the best band in the world!
{P.S. If any readers want a copy of an old EDGAR cd, please let me know, I’ll happily burn one for you. Too bad the website is no longer up.}

“Caught in a weightless orbit…”


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