Hymns On Guitar

If you’re missing the theology in some of today’s repetitive choruses, here’s a good resource for playing the rich theological hymns of days gone by on guitar.



  1. Is that a diamond on the helmet? If so, weren’t we the BLACK diamonds? Like the site. I’ll probably throw one up soon. Love the “Tritt”- it was a nice morning wake-up…”I might grow me a fu-manchu…”

  2. Ok, I fixed the logo. That was the best I could do with no helmet to be found on the web. By the way, you need to get up and running on myspace and grow your virtual congregation….


  3. Oh, I wasn’t meaning to dis you, bro. Hopefully you didn’t take it that way. I thought that was the actual helmet these days! If it was/is, I found it a bit hilarious.

  4. Oh, no offense taken. Just wanted you to know that the emblem on there is now the actual helmets. I found a pic on Jeff’s papers homepage of a game and made the emblem in fireworks.

    No diss intended or taken…..

    Your Brother…Dave

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