Here’s the link for the new myspace page for DEMORTRI, the band I play with. It is updating, so for now this link will get you there. In the future it should become

You can listen to some of our songs. Hopefully you’ll be able to download them soon.



  1. with as much fervor that i am placing into my studies, i think it would be commensurate to the passion that i would place into being BASSIST for DEMORTRI. something that i have and would love to live and to pursue, but have come to consider it something fit for fables. however, considering the current evidence, perhaps i should revise my understanding…

  2. it is truly a dream, but if it ever came to fruition, i would love to travel the world and create with you and wiehoff…fine lagers and theological discussions…just like the many reformers before us.

    p.s. REVISE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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