Sustaining A Wartime Mentality

Last night I watched the movie “We Were Soldiers” {starring Mel Gibson} and was struck by several things:

1} There is as scene where a young soldier has just become a father and is sitting in the chapel praying as the weight of fatherhood and the impending war bear down upon his soul. As I watched, I was reminded of the gravity of parenting and our utter dependence upon God in this matter. Too often I am relaxed in the rearing of my boys in the ways of the Lord, especially concerning prayer. Now, I do pray for them earnestly every morning. But it is easy to let this slide, along with reading the Scriptures together, serving others, etc. So I thought I would write to ecourage you to recognize the seriousness of life, that we are at war {Ephesians 6} and that we must fight the good fight of faith. Life is war. So fight sin, fight apathy, depression, etc by the power of the Spirit and the promise of Scripture. Pray for your children and loved ones and neighbors, etc. Don’t just settle into life and forget that we are in a spiritual battle.

John Piper speaks of this casual, non-warlike mentality in chapter 1 of his book “Let the Nations Be Glad“, which happens to be one of the best books I have ever read. I would encourage you to pick a copy up and absorb. The preface and first chapter of the book are available for free here in pdf format. Take advantage of this great resource! Also, I just heard a sermon by Piper this morning on the way to work about PRAYER. You can read, listen or download here. In fact, I would encourage you to absorb all of Piper’s FREE resources at Desiring

2} In the movie I was struck by Mel Gibson’s character and how pastoral he was. Contantly encouraging his men, fighting for them, leading them, etc. I would encourage any of you in pastoral ministry to watch this movie and observe Gibson’s character and see the many applications for pastoral life and work.

May you all have a wonderful, God-saturated Thanksgiving, and may you echo the refrain of Psalm 136
“Give thanks to the LORD for His steadfast love endures forever…”



  1. Oh, yeah man. Loved it. Very inspiring for a pastor. Encouragement, Community, Shepherding. Leadership. Fatherhood. Etc…

  2. And I will be honest with you, when I deployed, that is exactly how I felt about my troops. I wanted to make sure they were safe and taken care of!

    We can all learn from the lessons of life and any movie that shows core values inspires us all!

    Happy T – day!


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