Month: December 2006

Away From The Blog


I’ll be away from the blogging for a few days {and there was weeping and gnashing of teeeth…}. I will be speaking to a youth group for several nights this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening {please pray for me!!} on a winter ski trip {yee-haw!!}, so I’m busy finalizing some things to do with that. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I’ll post again soon…after some awesome snowboarding in Colorado! {thanks Brett and Rob for the gear!!}

From Spurgeon

Here are some sobering words from Charles Haddon Spurgeon {as we seek to witness to others, and especially for those who preach the Word}:

“True preaching is Artesian: it wells up from the great depths of the soul…We are not proper agents for conveying truth to others, if grace has not conveyed it to us.”

Delighting In the Knowledge Of Christ Crucifed

“Let us delight in the knowledge of Christ crucified and be often in the thought and study of Him…This will keep up life in {or ensure there is life in} our repentance…A strong meditation on Christ will not only excite compassion for His sufferings, but a detestation of our sins and selves as the cause of them. It is a look upon Christ pierced that pierceth the soul.”

Stephen Charnock {1628-1680}
Christ Crucified: A Puritan’s View of the Atonement

The S. Lewis Johnson iPod


My good friend Kent, who frequents my Starbucks, just brought me a Christmas gift today: a 30 gig iPod pre-loaded with over 1,500 sermons from the late S. Lewis Johnson, pastor of Believer’s Chapel in Dallas and professor at Dallas Seminary. He just made a couple for John MacArthur as well, as they have become friends as of late. You mathmeticians can work out what the odds are of MacArthur and I listening to the same sermon on the same day.

You can listen and download these sermons yourself here. Also, there are messages by Haddon Robinson, James Boice and Bruce Waltke, all of which who have been influential in my life.

Thanks, Kent!!!

When I Don’t Desire God: How To Fight For Joy


I just picked up a copy of one of John Piper’s books- When I Don’t Desire God: How To Fight For Joy. I am planning on reading it along with two other guys and we will get together weekly to discuss it. If any of you want to join us and comment/interact here, please do! Any takers? If you want to read it for free online, you can find it here. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find the link. You’ll also find other free books by Piper here as well, not to mention 20+ years worth of sermons. No other pastor/theologian/author has shaped my understanding like Piper.