God Is Way Smarter Than Me

Perhaps when we struggle with trials, tribulations, hardships, sufferings, etc {like the one you and I are either going through, just came out of, or about to enter into} it is God being extremely gracious to us? How? Perhaps God, who IS way smarter than us and knows everything that will happen in the future {despite what some may say} graciously allows us to endure trials NOW so that we may be able to endure much stronger and diificult ones in the FUTURE?

For instance, maybe I will develop some cancer that will test my faith like never before and the endurance and faith that is being developed now will be the thing that I need then? Maybe what you are going through now has many purposes, one of which will be to help you in the future with some greater trial?

God is way smarter than us…and He is GOOD and GRACIOUS to us NOW…and THEN. Trust Him. Remember His goodness.



  1. How is deja vu the ploy of satan?
    i’m serious. I would honestly like to hear your views on this topic. I don’t so much study religion, but more peoples beliefs and views about religion in my free time.

  2. I would say that Satan uses any method possible to distract us from God. So, I believe he uses deja vu-type of experiences to mess with people. I know a few people personally who have been and are confused as a result of these experiences. But on the other hand, to be fair, Satan probably uses a square box controlled by a remote control more {tv}… or the 99 cent fast food menu…or….

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