The S. Lewis Johnson iPod


My good friend Kent, who frequents my Starbucks, just brought me a Christmas gift today: a 30 gig iPod pre-loaded with over 1,500 sermons from the late S. Lewis Johnson, pastor of Believer’s Chapel in Dallas and professor at Dallas Seminary. He just made a couple for John MacArthur as well, as they have become friends as of late. You mathmeticians can work out what the odds are of MacArthur and I listening to the same sermon on the same day.

You can listen and download these sermons yourself here. Also, there are messages by Haddon Robinson, James Boice and Bruce Waltke, all of which who have been influential in my life.

Thanks, Kent!!!


One comment

  1. Greetings,
    Was wondering if it was possible to purchase an ipod with S.Lewis Johnson’s messages on it. I received one 2 years ago and it is phenomenal.
    Thank you,
    Tom Halstead

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