Delighting In the Knowledge Of Christ Crucifed

“Let us delight in the knowledge of Christ crucified and be often in the thought and study of Him…This will keep up life in {or ensure there is life in} our repentance…A strong meditation on Christ will not only excite compassion for His sufferings, but a detestation of our sins and selves as the cause of them. It is a look upon Christ pierced that pierceth the soul.”

Stephen Charnock {1628-1680}
Christ Crucified: A Puritan’s View of the Atonement


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  1. Did you read the Iranians “axis of evil”; US, Britain, and Isreal. No surprise but “if” he is truly committed to ridding the world of this evil, it is a fact that the end of our civilization quicker than we know it.

    This guy is about 2-3 years away from having major nuclear capability and he has silent support from Russia, who would love to be the superpower it used to be. I don’t know if you have read up on Putin but this guy is committed to old mother Russia and is ex KGB. He already does some mob style things and would stop at nothing to become the power of old.

    I say all this knowing that God is in control and that He already knows how it turns out. It is just disheartning to raise children that you love so much in a world that could be in its last generation.

    By the way, I set up a new e-mail:; maybe they will win won before the end.

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