How To Save A Dying Marriage

You can read one of the best articles on loving your spouse here. It’s by Robertson McQuilkin and is also available in longer form as a book
{A Promise Kept}. This is a must read if you’re struggling to love your spouse in the midst of a dark period of marriage {there are dark periods aren’t there? Are we the only ones?}. This is gold. Go read and glorify God by recommitting to love your spouse through poverty, riches, sickness, health, darkness, etc.

So, if you’re struggling in your marriage, I would suggest you do these things, accompanied with prayer:

1} Go back with your spouse and look through your wedding album together. There was a time when the love “felt” real.
2} Read the book of Leviticus together. I know you think I’m crazy, but try it. Seriously. You’ll both walk away feeling that God is holy and you’re both rotten, depraved sinners who should repent. And you’ll see a picture of His Son and the grace and mercy that He offers you and your marriage.
3} Read McQuilkin’s book or article.
4} Do whatever it takes to fight sin and keep your marriage alive!



  1. Another great resource is Sacred Marriage by Gary L. Thomas which also now has a Devotional book to with it.
    Thanks Rabbi this will help because it has all basically been down hill ever since the cake.

  2. thanks for this Rabbi this will be a big help, it has basically been all down hill since the wedding cake but at least we got some nice pictures out of the whole deal.

    Seriously though here is another great resource out there for those married happily, not so much, or even single but hoping. Sacred Marriage by Gary L. Thomas. There is also now available an Couples Devotional to go along.

  3. This Blog is an inspired resource. I really appreciate you letting me know about it. I will access you Blog on a regular basis. Good luck on your church search, also. By the way, thanks for double cupping my coffee every morning.

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