Sex: A 12-Step Program for Men

Pastor Jeff Miller of Trinity Bible Church has a sermon series available at on “Sex: A 12-Step Program For Men”

Here’s a description:
In this excellent series just for men, Pastor Jeff teaches on a subject few pastors are willing to approach. Rightfully, such a subject taught in this straightforward and frank way would not be appropriate from the pulpit. However, in the safe place of a men’s ministry setting there is more freedom to teach about a topic so central to their lives. We see in the Bible that sex is a beautiful and God-given gift when pursued biblically and in context within the marriage relationship.

Come join with other men around the world as God speaks truth into their lives in this sensitive but timely study. Just remember…This study series is designed for men (content not appropriate for young ears). Young men (and even late teens) could greatly benefit from learning about sex as God designed it to be and to prepare them for marriage. This is a must for younger married men to remain pure in their marriage and to see what God has to say about how to have a healthy and beautiful sexual relationship with your wife. This is an excellent resource for fathers with teenage sons as a tool they can use to study together and can provide door openers for discussions and teaching opportunities. In fact, no man is too old for this study because they can always use it to help them prepare to teach and train younger men in their lives.

Be sure to also listen to pastor Miller’s recent pulpit teaching Studies in Song of Songs where there is strong connection to the subject matter in this study. God has shared with us through the book of Song of Songs how beautiful and wonderful sex is within the context of a healthy marriage relationship. You won’t want to miss this study series either.



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