Politely Rejected

I have enough rejection letters/emails from churches where I have applied for the pastorate to fill the Caribbean and then cause a tsunami. And they keep coming. My job search continues. But I get hope from God’s Word and this unlikely source: Hal Hickel. He submitted plot ideas at the age of 12 to Lucasfilm, and too was politely rejected. Now the grown-up Hickel is animation supervisor for the Pirates movies series at Lucasfilm’s ILM. That rejection letter hangs proudly in his office, and now he’s hoping he’ll have an Oscar for his Pirates work to place next to it. You can see an interview with him here. Go Hal!



  1. So … does that mean you’re going to wallpaper your office with letters?

    Hey, just remember, you only need one “Yes” church vote. Sometimes, and I’m sure most pastors would agree, it’s better to have no church to pastor that to pastor a bad church. That’s bad in the sense a bad fit that shows itself over time to where nobody wins.

    Keep the faith!

  2. Benji,

    I was wondering how the job search is going. You guys are in my thoughts…
    Still praying for something great for you.

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