Month: February 2007

Jesus’ Family Tomb

Dr. Darrell Bock, premier NT scholar and professor at Dallas Seminary has an excellent post on this whole Jesus Family Tomb/James Cameron issue over at his blog. Read and be informed!


I will be preaching {from Luke 8:40-56} tomorrow {Feb 18th} at a church that I am candidating at, would you pray for myself and the congregation that we might “lunge” toward Jesus and be satisfied with all that God is for us in His Son? Thank you…


Just found out about this and I have one coming in any day now…I suggest you get one of these…single-column and prargraph-free with plenty of room to scribble. Now you can really get the author’s argument and shake off those thought-destroying, interruptive paragraph divisions…oh, how modernity has made us slaves to the paragraph! Now if I could just get rid of those numbers!

Thanks to Ross for telling me.

For The Theological Nerds Out There {Especially You OT Lovers}

Found some GOLD out there for you Old Testament lovers:

A few good online books by none other than Kenneth Kitchen are available. If you haven’t heard of him, Dr. Kitchen is one of the leading conservative Egyptologists around {that means he can read Egyptian hieroglyphics like you’re reading this sentence}. Here’s his Wikipedia blurb.

The Bible in its World: The Bible & Archaeology Today. This book is a must read. It’s out of print unless you can find an old copy or one of the Wipf and Stock reprints or Amazon.

Ancient Orient and Old Testament.


Jonathan Edwards, or How A Skinny Man Who Wore A Wig Is Radically Changing My World


I recently picked up the 2 volume set of the complete works of Jonathan Edwards. Wow, has my life been rebuked! I’ve been reading his thoughts on Heaven…utterly mind boggling. I don’t even have categories for what he is saying. And I believe he’s right. If you can’t get a copy of this $50 set {I got mine because I sold a few of these at work and received a gift card} then let me point you to a message by Sam Storms called “Joy’s Eternal Increase: Edwards on the Beauty of Heaven” which was delivered at the Desiring God national conference in 2003- “A God-Entranced View of All Things: The Unrivaled Legacy of Jonathan Edwards.” Or, you can find it in the book or mp3s from the conference.

Maybe you’ll be interested in a book by Dr. Glenn KreiderJonathan Edwards’ Interpretation of Revelation 4:1-8:1.”

Or THE t-shirt