Desiring God Day 1, Part 2

Wow. Here is how Dr. Piper began the evening, just prior to worship/singing {I’m paraphrasing}:

“We will hear tonight about the holiness of God. I could read from a passage that you are all familiar with: Isaiah 6. However, I will read out of Nehemiah {chapter 8:9-12}. This is a time to feast. We live in between the tensions of God’s holiness on one hand and our desire to be satisfied on the other. We live between the tension of fearing God and feasting on God. Tonight we have come to fear and feast. And the only way that we can do that, that we can dare come into His presence is because of Jesus. So come and feast from our holy God.”

I’m not doing Piper justice, but that’s it in a nutshell. What a way to start the evening! The music, as usual, was incredible. Chuck Steddom is my favorite worship leader. Multi-cultural worship encompassing every style, tradition, tribe, tongue, etc. He may have a job in Heaven leading the nations in worship! Superb.

R.C. Sproul delivered, as expected. He started by mentioning that we serve the God who is. Not the God of our imagination. You can hear the rest on the DG blog. I saw Abraham Piper on the elevator 15 minutes ago and he said he was going up to his room to put the audio online. You can hear all of Sproul’s message there. Feast, brothers, feast…


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