Desiring God Day 2, Part 3

Sproul just wrapped up his last session. Wow. He was incredible. Everyone left with a massive reminder and weight of the depravity of our condition and the amazing grace of God as seen on the Cross in Jesus. I urge you all to listen to R.C.’s message if you can. He uses a great illustration in there about justice. Priceless.

Tomorrow William MacKenzie will speak, followed by a Q & A with all of the speakers {Dr. Sproul has to leave early, so he will be missed!}. The Q & A session is always a highlight of this conference because the speakers get to interact with each other and each other’s theology. And Piper usually pulls no punches!

On another note, I ran into an old high school friend who I have not spoken with in well over a year. Sankie Lynch is on staff at Grace Baptist Church in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. It was good to see him and we plan on some more fellowship this evening. This may be my last post until I return home. If any of you can ever make it, this conference is one you shouldn’t pass up. This was my 3rd year here, and it gets better every year. The Lord has been good!



  1. Love it…no, I was not inebriated, I was just loopy from all of the Sproul intake at the pastor’s confernence. And, that’s just how I think. Random quotes probably spoken by rednecks constantly coarse through my brain, for instance, “Eunice! Break out the pork rinds and put away them cigarettes! The minister’s coming over!!…and spray some air freshener, girl!”

  2. Good ole Sankie. Wow how time changes situations. Who would have thought from party animal to pastor. My brother is on staff there also.

    Glad to hear all went well. I still think you should set up a virtual church with live and podcasts.


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