For The Theological Nerds Out There {Especially You OT Lovers}

Found some GOLD out there for you Old Testament lovers:

A few good online books by none other than Kenneth Kitchen are available. If you haven’t heard of him, Dr. Kitchen is one of the leading conservative Egyptologists around {that means he can read Egyptian hieroglyphics like you’re reading this sentence}. Here’s his Wikipedia blurb.

The Bible in its World: The Bible & Archaeology Today. This book is a must read. It’s out of print unless you can find an old copy or one of the Wipf and Stock reprints or Amazon.

Ancient Orient and Old Testament.




  1. Who you callin’ a nerd, geek? And why do you have to make it a racial thing by singling out the Jews with a cryptic yet stereotypical statement like “esp. you OT lovers?” I would be careful attacking ‘nerds’ and the Israelites all in one post from your Ivory Blogging Tower! Or is it Caffeinated Glass House? Don’t throw stones Mr. “I-Used-to-Have-Jesus Hair-in-College-and-a-Canadian-Roomate” Boy. Being pegoritive, persnickety, racist, and classists is not very Messiah-like no matter how long and curly your flaxen locks might have been during your collegiate years. Typo responsibly.

  2. B,
    and something about “…IN THE BACKSEAT OF A CAR…” that they yelled in one song. I still have a Judah tee, but it fit like 70 pounds ago. I have gained 1/3 of myself since college. At DBU I was only 2/3 of the man I am today.

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