Jonathan Edwards, or How A Skinny Man Who Wore A Wig Is Radically Changing My World


I recently picked up the 2 volume set of the complete works of Jonathan Edwards. Wow, has my life been rebuked! I’ve been reading his thoughts on Heaven…utterly mind boggling. I don’t even have categories for what he is saying. And I believe he’s right. If you can’t get a copy of this $50 set {I got mine because I sold a few of these at work and received a gift card} then let me point you to a message by Sam Storms called “Joy’s Eternal Increase: Edwards on the Beauty of Heaven” which was delivered at the Desiring God national conference in 2003- “A God-Entranced View of All Things: The Unrivaled Legacy of Jonathan Edwards.” Or, you can find it in the book or mp3s from the conference.

Maybe you’ll be interested in a book by Dr. Glenn KreiderJonathan Edwards’ Interpretation of Revelation 4:1-8:1.”

Or THE t-shirt



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