I will be preaching {from Luke 8:40-56} tomorrow {Feb 18th} at a church that I am candidating at, would you pray for myself and the congregation that we might “lunge” toward Jesus and be satisfied with all that God is for us in His Son? Thank you…



  1. just read the post. i said a quick prayer for you post facto because God is sovereign and in His omniscience He knew I would just be praying for you now that this morning will have gone well and that ultimately His will expressed in the outcome will bring glory to His name. Hope all is well! Let me know how is goes/went! And if you will be needing a youth pastor/janitor/parking sercurity?

    Uh, I visited a black church in south Dallas during my days at DBU and I learned of the role of “Pastor of Exhortation.” This means I would get to sit behind you during the sermons, randomly jump up during your preaching, pat you on the back (not distracting at all), dab the sweet from your preacherly brow, (still not distracting), and shout things in your ear such as “preach it brother”, “go get em,” “you tell em,” “come on now,” and “tell it like it is pastor.” (oh so not the least bit distracting.)

    I can see the bulletin now:
    Son of the Right Hand — Senior Pastor and Soul Barista
    MM — Pastor of Family Ministries, Janitorial Architect, Parking Nazi, and Minister of Pats on the Back and Encouraging Shout Outs! (will that all fit on a business card)

  2. Oh, yea! I would give anything to see you in one of those fancy oriental looking preacher suits that are indicative of the health-wealth prosperity brothers on t.v.. You know, the ones with no collars and fancy trim around the edges with japanese deigns embroidered throughout. Forget the suit and tie…your a SOUL NINJA!!!!

  3. Benji,

    I have been in a coma for the past 10 days (okay, a bit of an exaggeration perhaps…) and haven’t been to this site, but how did the second week go? I will continue to pray for you, your family and your ministry. I selfishly want you in the pulpit every week so I can listen to Piper, Driscoll, and Magness for sermon prep! Love you man!

    Unreleated — I caught the Love & Respect Conference with Emmerson Eggrich this weekend in Phoenix…you have to catch it in Dallas the next time they come through. Great basic marriage communication stuff and Emmerson is a preacher…he’s really good live. You will be glad you did. Later

  4. The service went well on Sunday. Preached from Philippians 1:8-11. They will be meeting this week to discuss the next step. Only God knows!

    Heath and Wendy-You’re both too kind with your words! Hope all is well. I’ll post something or email once I hear something…Thanks for praying and being involved.

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