Biblical Eldership

The new 9 Marks March/April newsletter/web update is now out and available here. This month looks excellent with some great articles and studies on biblical eldership. Here’s a plug from the editor, Jonathan Leeman:

“This fall I read Timothy Laniak’s book Shepherds After My Own Heart, which provides an excellent biblical theology of the shepherding metaphor throughout Scripture (my review of the book below). While reading, I kept thinking that he needed to turn it into a study guide for elders. I even thought about emailing Professor Laniak—whom I don’t know—with my stellar suggestion.

Paul Alexander made this email unnecessary. Gladly stealing the fruit of Laniak’s careful study, Pastor Alexander translated Laniak’s book into four separate lessons for the elders of his own church, which we reproduce here for you. Alexander’s lessons were not written with a web audience in mind. They are long and full of Scripture. Pastor, let me recommend printing them out, and reading them meditatively. Then send them to your fellow elders. They describe the heart of what God has called all of you to be.

As long as we’re talking about training elders, take a look at what First Presbyterian in Jackson does, as well as what THE Bill Mounce has to offer.

Matt Schmucker and the other elders at Capitol Hill Baptist offer several reflections on living and surviving as an elder amidst the many difficulties of the work. Finally, Thabiti Anyabwile’s article on following leaders, I believe, is worth cutting and pasting into one of your church newsletters. It will serve you, the congregation, and the glory of God. You’ll see what I mean.”

Looks like their some gold here, so read on brothers, meditate on what it means to be an elder in God’s church and love and serve your congregation!


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