Ancient Treasures of the Holy Land Exhibit


If you live in or will be traveling to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, there is an exhibit that might interest you. “Ancient Treasures of the Holy Land” features more than 350 artifacts, including portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls that are for the first time being displayed in the U.S., an ossuary believed by some to hold the bones of Simon of Cyrene, who carried the cross for Jesus, lamps and pottery from the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, weapons, jars, etc.

It will also feature an interactive children’s area with an archaeological dig and a restaurant serving first-century meals, ala lentil soup, hummus and pita bread.

WHEN: Wednesday March 14th through July 28th.
WHERE: Embarcadero Building at Fair Park, 3809 Grand Ave., Dallas
HOURS: 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. Sunday through Thursday, and 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Friday and Saturday
COST: At the door, $16.95 adults, $13.95 senior citizens, $6.95 for children 6-13. Children under 6 admitted free. Adults $10 if purchased online in March. Children’s archaeological dig is $5 and requires reservations.
DETAILS: Call 866-698-5333 or visit for more info and other discount options



  1. If you ask me $16.95 is a bit steep for hummus and lentils. Plus don’t you think all these ‘artifacts’ will have that old people smell? I will probably just wait for the James Cameron movie. Mainly because his movie will include DNA evidence that it is Simone of Cyrene, who just happened to be black. Not that I want to be feeding into your new race fixation.

    CSI: Dead Sea Coming Soon!

  2. you have been reading the books just over to my right for quite sometime now. are you a slow reader or something? or maybe its that you are reading 9 books at a time. do you ever get them confused: like what if you started thinking you were supposed to “build your ministry on” “hyper-calvinism: the battle for” “undermining confidence in” “worship” OR “Ministries of” “The Deliberate Church:” “Open Theism” ” by the book” OR “Ministries of their” “God is Too” “reformed” “and the undermining” “of mercy” “the english standard” “call of Jericho”

    and just as a side note, what mother would name her son Edmund P Clowney, seriously? did she hate her own flesh and blood?

    say it don’t spray it!

  3. I went and took a friend that had never been to see such a thing..
    It was very spiritually moving to see items used by those soo long ago. I did think it was abit over priced…but today what isn’t. and i was glad to have the oppertunity to view such “special” items…

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