Bib Sac

The April-Jue 2007 edition of Dallas Seminary’s Bibliotheca Sacra {Bib Sac to many of us!} has some interesting articles:

No, Not Yet: The Contingency of the Kingdom Stanley D. Toussaint and Jay A. Quine
Is Faith a Gift of God or an Exercise of the Human Heart? René A. Lopez
Joseph in Pharaoh’s Court Richard D. Patterson
Yahweh versus the Canaanite God’s: Polemic in Judges and 1 Samuel 1–7 Robert B. Chisholm Jr.
The Literary Structure and Purpose of Hosea 1–3 Charles H. Silva
The Adoration of God the Creator David L. MacLeod
A Critique of the Preterist View of the Temple in Revelation 11:1–2 Mark L. Hitchcock

This is a great theological journal. You can stay on top of recent sholarship and the book reviews are priceless! Save some money, save some time and read a book review! For info on ordering Bib Sac, click here.


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