Collide Festival

The Collide Festival is scheduled for June 7-9 in Sherman, Texas. Here’s a list of speakers, artists, etc:

Michael W. Smith
Thousand Foot Krutch
Building 429
Mercy Me
Jeremy Camp
Jars of Clay
Chris Rice
David Crowder
The Afters
Derek Webb
Ayisha Woods
Sanctus Real
By the Tree
Family Force 5
Falling Up
Matthew West
Even Isaac
Echoing Angels
Roads to Rome
After Edmund (Slanted)
Robert Pierre
Pocket Full of Rocks  

Justin Lookadoo
James Ryle
David Nasser

You can find more info, directions, etc, etc, here.



  1. This is in my back yard and I was so excited to find that a festival of this magnitude was coming so close. Sadly after seeing the line up I have little interest in any one except Derek Webb and David Crowder. On top of that the Thursday and Friday events conflict with our VBS here at Hagerman. If you are coming this way for any of the event let me know.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the festival, especially since I’ll be on staff out there. My wife (Al’s aunt) and I will be going to Willowood Ranch next week to begin preparations for what will be a truly amazing event.

    Now, the very best thing that you and others can do to support the festival is to pray very directly and often for the lives of young people who will be coming — that they will have a sincere, deep, and abiding encounter with God. Also, pray for the strengthening of families represented there.

    Of course, I also ask that you pray for Al and his family and staff, because they have been working extremely hard for many months to ensure a near-perfect worship and growth experience for every single individual who attends. Al really needs your prayers that he will have God’s strength and care surrounding and supporting him during these days.

    Thanks to each of you for supporting the festival, primarily because of what Collide can mean in the lives of youth.

    May God bless you richly.


  3. I CAN’T WAIT!! a lot of my favorite bands are gonna be there, like skillet and sanctus real!! its funny though because I’ve seen some of the “big” bands at concerts around my little hometown. its a great group of artists and bands.

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