Ninja Warrior Is The Best Show On T.V. Since Seinfeld


Recently my boys and I have discovered the amazing show, Ninja Warrior. It is a 4-stage obstacle course filmed somewhere in Japan, Korea, etc somewhere. We are obsessed with this show! It airs each evening on the G4 channel. Now, its a ritual each evening. Even our 16 month old loves Ninja Warrior {not surprisingly, my wife does not understand our fascination with this sport/show}.

This video is a snapshot of our favorite competitor, Makoto Nagano. To really appreciate the beauty of this show, you have to watch all the stages as the 100 competitors quickly decline to just a handful. This video is all Makoto from one Ninja Warrior competition. However, this is not the format of the show as it appears on G4. On G4, there are subtitles and you see other competitors as well.

My boys have a Ninja Warrior course now set up in our backyard. Tomorrow, if its not too muddy, we are heading over to a nearby school to do Ninja Warrior on the monkey bars and slides.

Did I mention that we are obsessed with this show? Not since Seinfeld’s prime have I looked forward to a television program or recorded one so voraciously…



  1. the show is filmed In JAPAN
    they announcer says “welcome back to midoriyama, JAPAN” (its actually filmed in yokahama, but i just found that out)
    the asian countries are really different from eachother
    I just wanted to let you know it has abosolutly nothing to do with the other asian countries

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