F.F. Bruce on the Ending of Mark {and More!}

For those interested, I found an article that F.F. Bruce wrote on the ending of the gospel of Mark. You can read it here. Any thoughts on this topic? I am of the persuasion that it is a late addition and should end with verse 8 with the women fleeing Jesus’ empty tomb scared and bewildered. I think Mark chose to end his gospel so abruptly in order to leave his audience with the same feeling: What are you gonna do with this Jesus who was raised from the dead? Will you follow Him?

What are your thoughts?

Also, for those who love F.F. Bruce, Rob at Biblical Studies.org.uk has received permission to post 30 articles by the late scholar. There’s some GOLD by Bruce at theologicalstudies.org.uk



  1. I think his conclusion is correct. It is not original… but there is no hesitation in reading them as scripture.
    It would have been good to read this before I preached my introduction to the Gospel 🙂

    ps – when are you going to post about your new church?

  2. I just found this article last night, or I would have definitely sent it to my dopple earlier! I’ll post on the church soon. Enjoyed the Freebirds yesterday!! Off to make several lattes and counting down :}

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