Amazing Grace

This is amazing…



  1. Ben- Big question. I have just read a terrible chapter in “The Treasure Principle” by Randy Alcorn. In chapter 2 (pg 21-23) he talks about having to “hide” his income/assets by puting everything in his wife’s name in order to avoid a judgment against him and giving credit to God as this opened his eyes to not having possessions.

    Can it be that a pastor would intentionally avoid a legal ruling by lying and hiding assets all the while giving God the glory for allowing him to steal from those who won the judgment and write a book that sells in Christian book stores on this ill gotten gain?

    It just confuses me that he touts this as a positive event when if someone hid assets to avoid paying for a judgment that involved his family, it would likely result in a message from the “pulpit” the next week on how we are to obey govenment officials and respect the law and those put in power.

    What say you Rabbi…..

  2. Dave,

    I’m surprised to hear that from Alcorn. However, I don’t want to comment “fully” since I have not read it myself, but it does seem a little shady. There is a biblical principle for being sued and suffering the loss {1st Corinthians 6:7}.

  3. Here is the link to the scanned page I am referring to:

    start reading at the arrow into the next page where he says they put everything in his wifes name and he took a minimum wage job to escape the judgment….


  4. oops, one more thing, that line at the beginning that “I’d already divested myself from the book royalties”…later in the book it says he funnels that money through his not for profit to avoid it being legally garnished as well and that over 500k was spent on different missions.

    Does God really honor money that was given by someone who was avoiding the law using shell companies to hide the money due?


  5. Not sounding good. Also, there is a law in the OT, which certainly carries implications over for today, about the Lord not receiving gifts/offerings that were acquired by shady means. HE doesn’t want a an offering that stems from illegal/ill-gotten gain…I’ll get the reference later. I’m off to work and running late. Enjoying the discussion!

  6. Thanks buddy. I just wanted to see if I was taking it wrong but it seems to be clear that he hid the money to avoid judment which seemed so out of context when the next sentence honors God for allowing it.

    Enjoy your final SBuck days!

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