Paris Hilton

Chip Ingram weighs in on the Paris Hilton “situation” and gives a stirring, thoughtful challenge. You can read it here.


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  1. Good point. Here is a little bit of a counterpoint. God gave us life and started humanity….then he gave us some piece of free will to shape it how we wanted but to His ultimate end.

    Humans throughout history have been selfish, self-centered, and power hungry as a whole; that of course is obvious just read the old/new testament or today’s CNN headlines.

    The biggest “rule of humanity” we have created is that wealth and power are in the hands of the few at the expense of the many (Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules). If you are a part of the powerful, the normal laws of society do not really apply to you. You have the means to skirt the law where the common man/woman cannot.

    Yes, pray for her and anyone else for their eternal soul but don’t pity poor Paris who spent 3 days in jail separated from the general population and now is on house arrest to her 15,000sq house! Pity the kid who got the public defender and went to jail for 3-6 months for a minor probation violation and now gets beat up daily or worse….

    That is the real story!


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