Sugar Creek Movie


My friend Jay Cotten’s new movie “Sugar Creek” is being released to DVD on July 24th. It looks like a good film. Go buy/rent and support new emerging directors! Somebody’s gotta replace the Spielbergs and Lucas’ someday…

You can watch the trailer here.

Visit the website here.

Here’s a description:

It is 1889. Adam Stanton is in a dark box, alone. He is being dragged across earth and stone, the sound is maddening… on and on. He has no idea of how long he’s been here. But suddenly, the dragging stops. He hears the approaching footsteps, the chimes of spurs against dirt. Then an axe is dragged across the lid, heavy metal against wood. With a loud crash, and the first light his blinded eyes have seen, Adam hears words that will haunt him for the next three days, “Come and see.”

With a hard push, Adam lifts the lid, breaking it free of the nails. He rises, squinting, a sore back. There is no one there. But then he sees them… five other boxes, coffins, surrounding his. Confusion and fear set in, and why are his feet bare?

What Adam doesn’t know… there is a legend, a dark horseman, who brings in men who have lived past their time. He pulls his victims into the valley in coffins and hunts them for three days. The locals fear him as a henchman for ol’ sleuth foot, and the legend says, if you help the one he’s hunting… the shoeless man, he will kill you as well.

Adam meets a strange cast of characters on his journey. One by one, they all fall before the Horseman.

As Adam slowly discovers his connection to this dark rider, he is found by a lost missionary, Christine. Through her help and the Horseman’s wrath, Adam will learn that you can’t escape the past. Some terrible things are never forgotten and need to be redeemed… and the worst possible sin is to do nothing at all.

Here’s Jay’s thoughts about his film:
“Sugar Creek is a low budget film, unlike anything you have ever seen. Part fairy tale/morality tale. Part Horror/ Western. The story of Adam, as he is hunted by a mysterious Horseman through a valley where men do hateful things because they’ve had hateful things done to them, is the story of revenge and redemption, and the irony in between.
The filmmakers chose to break barriers and combine elements from all genres to tell a complete story, fun and commercial, yet artistic and meaningful. Director James Cotten affectionately calls it my Disney movie from hell, claiming that the ride is shot and presented in a fun package, where you can’t believe what you’re laughing at.

I tried to shoot things in a light, over the top, manner, with a whimsical musical score, where the violence and hate you’re watching seems to not be taken too seriously, Cotten says, not until we want you to.”


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