9 Marks News: July/August

The latest 9 Marks newsletter is available at the 9 Marks website.

The focus this time around is on the Gospel. Here’s what’s available on the website, or you can read it in pdf format here.

The Therapeutic Gospel
The therapeutic gospel limits itself to giving people what they want, instead of calling for a change of what they ultimately want.
By David Powlison

Brian McLaren and the Gospel of Here & Now
This emerging leader is alright on the “already,” but neglects the “not yet.”
By Greg Gilbert

Satanism, Starbucks, and Other Gospel Challenges
The medium is the message, and theologian David Wells says the gospel message is increasingly compromised by “relevant” methods.
A 9Marks Interview with David Wells

Leaving Home, Returning Home
This biblical theology of the Fall identifies precisely why a gospel is necessary.
By Michael Lawrence

The Devil’s Favorite Domino—the Penal in Penal Substitution
Here’s why the penal in penal substitution is all precious, and why the devil always topples it first.
By Jonathan Leeman

Gospel Coalition Travelogue
A report from the frontline of Carson and Keller’s Gospel Coalition Conference.
By Michael McKinley

Book Review:
The Nature of the Atonement: Four Views
edited by James Beilby and Paul R. Eddy
Reviewed by Greg Gilbert

A Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum

We asked a roundtable of pastors and theologians how they would explain the gospel universally and how they would explain it in their neighborhood.
Answers from Peter Adams, Greg Gilbert, Liam Goligher, Michael Horton, Michael Nazir-Ali, Frank Retief, “Ed Roberts,” Mack Stiles, and Adrian Warnock

Book Review:
Simply Christian
by N.T. Wright
Reviewed by Andrew Davis

Book Review:
The Gospel According to Starbucks
by Leonard Sweet
Reviewed by Byron Straughn

Book Review:
Soul Cravings
by Erwin McManus
Reviewed by Jonathan Leeman

Third Mark of a Healthy Church MEMBER: Gospel Saturated
One pastor’s six tips for church members on remaining gospel centered.
By Thabiti Anyabwile

Good Friday Meditation: A Fitting Crown
Stop and listen to the Bible’s story of thorns and discover why such a crown was fit for the King of kings.
By Michael Lawrence

Evangelism and the Gospel with Will Metzger
posted: 6/1/2007
Author and evangelist Will Metzger, who helped shaped Mark Dever’s understanding of evangelism, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to evangelism today.


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