How “The Wolf” Changed the World


The above photo is of Muhammad edh-Dhib, also known as “The Wolf” {I don’t know why}…he is credited with discovering what we know today as the Dead Sea Scrolls. In late 1946/early 1947 this Arab shepherd went looking for a lost sheep and threw a rock in a cave in the limestone cliffs on the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. Instead of hearing a sheep’s cry, Muhammad heard the sound of breaking pottery. What he discovered was the Dead Sea Scrolls. To learn more about this find and the fascinating turn of events that have ensued since their discovery, check out Biblical Archaeology Review.

Their May/June issue began a 3-part series on “60 Years with the Dead Sea Scrolls.” The July/August issue continues the series. You can find a copy by subscribing online or at a local bookstore.


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