The Centrality of the Home

My wife and I are reading “Family Driven Faith: Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God ” by Voddie Baucham. This is a result of hearing probably one of the most stirring sermons we have ever heard. If you are a parent or plan to be {well, actually, everybody should listen to this}, then you must listen to this sermon, “The Centrality of the Home” by Voddie Baucham.

Buckle up your seat-belt…



  1. He did a bit on this at the No More Excuses men’s conference at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship earlier this month.

    I have the book and it’s on my “to read” list. However, I had him sign my copy and talked with him about his slooge at the Founders breakfast in the SBC annual meeting in San Antonio.

    That guy is a stud. Hear him and read him.

  2. You’re too kind, but Baucham really rocks the house. I’d carry his clipboard around, however, and fetch him water.

    Things are well at Providence Church, having just celebrated our one-year anniversary.

    Here’s a group photo for your viewing pleasure:
    2007 Anniversary Celebration

    Keep the faith, brother!

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