Red and Yellow, Black and White…

The new 9marks eJournal is now available at their website. Its all about race, ethnicity, diversity, etc. The articles look excellent! Can’t wait to devour them up.

This is a much misunderstood and neglected subject. Read on and let the nations be glad! {Psalm 67:4}



  1. Ben, if I may I would like to start a conversation regarding a VERY important issue in the US….national debt. Guys, our nation is at real stake of going down the path of the Roman Empire and something better change now if you want your grandkids to be called “Americans”. Read below and consider sending notes to all your state and national representatives:

    US National Debt. Think if this was a company or an individual household. If it was a company, all the “officers” (CEO,CFO, etc) would be in jail and investors would scramble to recover some of their money. If it were an individual household, they would claim bankruptcy and under the gracious US system they would still probably keep their $10M house and 5 cars. Now as for a country, our leaders vote themselves raises every year, they spend without even considering the cost and NO ONE holds them accountable….no one. They have created a terrible, terrible reality for our future generation.

    No President or Congress (democrat or republican) has reduced the nations debt….regardless of what they claim in the fancy campaign ads. It is time to do something and it should start with our leaders in Congress, who have the power of the purse. We beg you, make this an issue and reduce government spending! Stop the insanity of writing checks with nothing in the account to clear it. Put us back on the right path, you are the only ones who can. If you sit there and do nothing you are worse than the spies and traitors that have existed throughout our history, you are putting a bullet in the gun that will be fired in the not too distant future….and it will bring our Country to it’s knees that may result in Roman Empire consequences.

    Year to Govt Debt US$ billions[33]
    1910 2.6
    1920 25.9
    1930 16.2
    1940 43.0
    1950 257.4
    1960 290.2
    1970 389.2
    1980 930.2
    1990 3,233.3
    2000 5,674.2
    2005 7,932.7
    2006 8,506.9

  2. [p.s. I just noticed that the first link I referenced above, to the specific article mentioned, is showing, “Page not found.” You can read the article by clicking on the Homepage link above, going to “Syndicated Columns” then “Archives” then “2006” then to the April 19, 2006 article entitled, “Is There A Federal Deficit?”]

  3. Well, as military we are shielded from some of the stuff the “average” citizen feels. I would say the average American trusts the leaders to make wise decisions while they struggle to pay for their rent, utilities, and health care costs.

    Leaders of the country (a.k.a public leadership) are elected/selected to reflect the needs of the individual citizen and that is not happening today. No one will argue that public service is largely a free for all where already rich people use a legal version of bribes, gifts, and cheating. They stock away millions of tax payer dollars and do things like pay each of their family members $250,000 for “helping” on their campaign….one example of how congressmen/congresswoman legally use contributions from a campaign for personal gain. When there 15/16 year old kids are getting paid 250K for 6 months of passing out bumper stickers….we have a broken system.

    We used to look up to public officials and they used to stand for things like integrity, honesty and seemed to have a moral compass. Look at the news today….a “conservative” (a.k.a supposed to have values) congressman plead GUILTY to lewd acts in a public restroom but seems baffled that the American public thinks that is unacceptable for a leader. And then he insults the intelligence of Americans by asking us to believe that he didn’t understand what it meant to plead guilty and now he is going to consult a lawyer and try to withdraw the guilty plea. PLEASE! He was scared because he got caught, tried to keep it under wraps by pleading guilty hoping that since it was a minor offense it would fly under the radar.

    Then, you have party leaders going on TV and saying we should leave public officials private lives alone. That is why it is called PUBLIC OFFICE, hello! If you are breaking the LAW and hold a public office, you have no right to privacy. We elect you to help make laws that you are also supposed to live by, not just dictate (wow, you could make a silly joke here off dictate and the current situation but I will leave that alone). What the heck is going on in American morality when leaders think it is ok to lie, cheat, steal and break the law and still expect to remain “paid” by the citizens of the US and actually be offended that we don’t like our leaders to be criminals and delinquents? In my personal opinion as a tax paying citizen…..we are screwed without a massive moral awaking in the US.

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