Mark Driscoll: Ultimate Writing Champion?

Mark Driscoll amazes me. He is a husband, a father, a pastor, an avid Ultimate Fighter fan…and now the Ultimate Writing Champion. He discusses his summer and his forthcoming 7 books, yes, that’s 7 books due out next year from Crossway books, on his blog. Read more here.



  1. I read this earlier in the week or maybe last week. I checked Crossway’s site but there was little there that shed light on any of the subject matter of these seven books. Except for the fact that apparently his sermon series from last year Vintage Jesus will be the subject and title of one of the books. I can not wait to hear/see/read what the other six books will cover in scope and subject. And did I get that right he had 3 weeks to nap, ride bikes, hike, and write 6 books? THREE WEEKS???!!!

  2. That’s crazy. I’m sure he’s still working on some of the books, but still crazy nonetheless. He’s a machine. I still don’t know how he does it. Maybe its a combination of Starbucks {he is in Seattle after all}, Red Bull, skydiving {he’s got to get adrenaline from somewhere}, Milli Vanilli in the iPod, and a sprinkle of Pixie sticks…

    What’s the latest with you? Any leads?

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