Cool It.

Here’s some great resources on global warming:

Pete Du Pont summarizes very well Danish scholar Bjorn Lomberg’s books The Skeptical Environmentalist and his new book, Cool It.

Science writer Michael Crichton writes: “Bjørn Lomborg is the best-informed and most humane advocate for environmental change in the world today. . . .Lomborg and Cool It are our best guides to our shared environmental future.”

What is interesting about Blomberg is he is focusing on the real issues, which is not global warming: malaria, malnutrition, HIV/Aids, and clean drinking water. He gives compelling evidence. You can watch this video for a quick overview or read Du Pont’s article

{HT: JT}



  1. Hey, so countrybiblechurch dot org doesn’t seem to come up right now?

    Also, I totally dig the new theme for the blog. Looks great.

    How was your weekend? I can’t believe the news! I am so jealous they got to come out there and visit. Like I said, pretty soon we will come out there too.

    Take care. Your blog was encouraging this Monday morning.

  2. John,

    We’re updating the site to a new blog format with wordpress {it’s much easier to update and doesn’t take hours before the changes surface}. The new site is….Eventually we’ll link it to the old one. We’re having email issues, etc.

    We’ve had a great time with the parents. Tara should be coming out tomorrow. Your dad’s working all week, I believe. We’d love to see you guys. Come out whenever! Maybe plan it around a good concert!

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