Love {?} the Lord Your God…

What does it mean to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength” {Deuteronomy 6:4-5}? How would an Old Testament believer in Yahweh have answered this question? You might be surprised, especially if you think that Jesus exists to be your boyfriend…

You can listen to a sermon that I preached last week on “loving God” here.



  1. It is wonderful to think that the perfect love God has for us (Permanently Committed, Passionate and Practical) is what we will one day demonstrate perfectly to and for Him. The promise sustains me when I feel guilty for falling short now.

    The Fire Fishing at Night article is very interesting; thank you for sharing it with us. It makes me think of the night Jesus restored Peter (John 21, I think). Jesus built a fire on the shore, drew his fishermen to Him, loved them and invited them to demonstrate their true love for Him by Following Him. The narrative abruptly ends.

    I like to think about “What Happened Next?” I think Peter (and probably the others at breakfast that day) got up and left immediately to preach God’s Word, and never looked back. From that point on, they truly Loved the LORD their God and the Lord Jesus with all their heart, soul and might. Oh, that each day I would take the grace that the Lord feeds and refreshes my soul and use this “renewed strength in the promotion of His glory!” (from Spurgeon’s Morning reading today.)

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