Who Knew? Prayer, Scripture, and Community Really Works! Willow Creek Repents!

While I have never agreed with their basic philosophies of ministry, I commend Willow Creek’s honesty about something they’ve recently discovered {and I hope it serves them well with their future ministry}. Actually, it was there under their nose the whole time, they just didn’t see it {in their Bibles}. It appears that they have discovered that programs, paychecks, and properties have not helped their church members grow spiritually. They’ve now realized that prayer, Scripture, and the church community actually assist in spiritual growth and discipleship!

You can read about it here.

You can watch Bill Hybels and Greg Hawkins talk about it here.

It appears that Jesus was really on to something…no powerpoints, no shiny business cards, no billboards, no fancy website, no slick programs, etc. Just the Word of God, prayer, and a few disciples and He changed the world. Who knew?


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