Heaven: A Place?

A couple of interesting items related to Heaven:

First, for those of you who are interested, you may want to check out Doug Pagitt’s interview on Way of the Master. To me, he doesn’t sound as if he understands orthodox Christianity {at all}. Listen for yourselves {the interview starts about 5 minutes into the segment}. You can find the link here. I’m not sure what Pagitt believes, especially about Heaven…{since we’re on the topic}.

Second, John Piper has recorded a 7 minute portion from one of Jonathan Edwards’ sermons on Romans 2:10 concerning levels and degrees of happiness in Heaven. I was first tipped off to this idea from Edwards in a sermon by Sam Storms “Joy’s Eternal Increase: Edwards on the Beauty of Heaven.” I’ve listened to this sermon numerous times. And everytime it ends, I find my life rebuked on so many fronts. Absolutely one of the best messages on Edwards and Heaven. I can’t say it strong enough- you need to listen to this message!

You can listen to John Piper here

You can find the Sam Storms message here

You can read Edwards sermon on Romans 2:10 “The Portion of the Righteous” here…{the part on levels of happiness in Heaven is near the end of the sermon}.



  1. Edwards (“The Portion of the Righteous”) answers two objections of the unbeliever that are undoubtedly the most common. I wonder, if you have ever heard another objection, the statement made by an unbeliever, “If my (spouse, child, friend, whomever, etc) who has died is not going to be in heaven, then I don’t want to be there either.”
    At times like these, it is hard to think of something that will compete with the affections and pain they are so strongly feeling at the time. It seems to me unlikely that Edwards’ description of the happiness of the believer being greater when it considers the state of the lost would help convince the grieving unbeliever to embrace heaven and God (ie Edwards’: “It will give them the greater sense of their own blessedness, when they contemplate the misery of those who are finally lost, and consider how exceedingly different is their own state. The saints will witness the misery of the wicked, they shall see their state at the day of judgment, they shall see them at the left hand with devils, shall hear the sentence pronounced, and see it executed. … the saints in heaven when they contemplate the misery of the damned in hell, will feel a greater sense of their own happiness.”)

    So, what would you say (or have you said) to someone who so desperately clings to someone eternally lost rather than reach for God or heaven? Our prayers for these loved ones continues unabated, of course. Still, we would also appreciate any suggestions…..thank you!

  2. First, I would say that we may never know who is eternally lost, though we may see fruit in one’s life or a lack thereof, ultimately only God knows those who are redeemed. Secondly, I would tell them that God is infinitely greater than the one they lost and the pain that they feel now pales in comparison to that which they will experience eternally if they never receive the offer of God in Christ. Of course all of this would be said pastorally and with love, especially if there is a relationship there already with the individual.

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