Historic Evangelicalism

Michael Patton is labeling himself as an “Historic Evangelical.” You can read why here.

And if you’re not familiar with where he blogs {Parchment and Pen}, you oughta be…

Michael and I started seminary the same semester and he finished in 2 1/2 years…it took me 5 1/2 years…I still have issues…but go check his blog out, he’s way smarter than me.


One comment

  1. Re: Jeff Thompson’s response to Mr. Patton’s post: “Perhaps the modern philosophy of corporate worship, conventions, denominations, and institutionalization in general, is mis-directed effort, however well-intentioned it might be.”

    George Barna, in his book “Revolution,” describes modern Christians and Christianity in practical terms more so than in theological terms. As a person who thoroughly enjoys theological discussion but loves it even more when it is supplemented with practical application suggestions, I find Barna’s approach to be helpful.

    “Historical Evangelical” appears to be an honorable description of one’s intellectual, theological foundation. Practically, at this time in our lives, Gary and I feel we are “Revolutionary Christians.” Our joy increases daily, and we are gaining more confidence that God is blessing our endeavor, for He proves Himself over and over, providing for us in innumerable ways. As “Revolutionaries,” we are very happy to accept the challenge of the “enlarged territory” God has given us to minister in, and through His grace and for His glory, we serve with joy and expectantly. To learn more about Barna’s book: http://www.barna.org/FlexPage.aspx?Page=Resource&ResourceID=196

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