Brian McLaren’s “gospel” {I Won’t Capitalize That Letter ‘G’}

Lee Irons gives an excellent review of Brian McLaren’s “gospel” from McLaren’s latest book, Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope.

This review is a must-read because in it you’ll find the contrast that exists among people’s view of the gospel, substitutionary atonement, etc. And then you’ll understand why I get so worked up about this “gospel” gaining popularity.



One comment

  1. Having first read the excerpt provided by you of Edwards’ sermon,”The Portion of the Righteous,” wherein heaven and the glory of God are described so beautifully, it is striking how poor and pitiful is McLaren’s exaltation of the earth, and his assertion that man’s “participation” in its “transformation” IS “the good news.” It is very, very sad and disturbing indeed.

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