Saxophone or Bass Guitar?

When it comes to the leader of my nation, I’m more inclined to want a man in the Oval Office who can play a mean bass guitar than a saxophone! Kenny G or Lynard Skynard?

Check out this freebird!

Check out myspace.

Rock on Mike Huckabee!



  1. Oh, and while you are on the voting subject….I like the dark horse Ron Paul. If this guy did get elected (or anyone like him) we would be quickly put us back on the path that made us great.

    I especially like his view on reducing the military footprint around the world. While this is a diplomacy issue, it would do wonders in our economy. The housing market would immediately turn around; the value of the dollar would rise beyond belief. People just do not think about how much with subsidize other countries stability by our military presence and aid their national economy while draining our own (in the billions for Europe alone).

    If nothing else, I encourage your readers to write their congressmen/women and ask for a relook at the structure of our military bases (Why are we still in Europe / do we really think a soviet take over is still possible?). We as a country really do have the ability to create a huge economic rebound for our country and quickly show other countries how much they truly depend on the U.S.

    Don’t say I agree 100% with everything, but you never will agree 100% with a politician.


  2. It’s a Boom, not a Recession.
    If your only source for news is Mass media outlets, it is only natural, I suppose, to assume that the economy is not doing well. However, a deliberate and intelligent digestion of multiple news resources would divulge facts ignored by the most popular news organizations.

    Larry Kudlow, NRO’s Economics Editor, host of CNBC’s Kudlow & Company and author of the daily web blog, Kudlow’s Money Politic$, writes in the following article (Despite the Gloom, More Bush Boom:
    Solid third-quarter GDP adds another chapter to the greatest story never told.
    ): “The print and broadcast media do not give President Bush much credit for his economic policies. But somehow I have to wonder whether low unemployment, strong growth, negligible inflation, and record stock markets do not deserve just a bit of praise. ….It is still the greatest story never told.”

    Rush Limbaugh’s website is rich with links to news articles on every subject; he does not limit his offering of links to conservative leaning news organizations. Check it out.

  3. Hmm, you are incorrrect. I have an MBA and a minor in economics. Think what you want, the global market place views the U.S. as a risk.

  4. I am willing -even seek-to be educated. For example, I was planning to support Fred Thompson for ’08, but have recently begun to investigate Mike Huckabee’s credentials; I will reserve my decision until I have much more information to compare.
    Dave, would you be willing to provide a resource or link to a concise summary or comparison of ALL economic factors, which would give sound, unbiased explanations for why the current economy is in need of a rebound? At the present time, with the information I have digested thus far, it appears to already BE in a “rebound.” Nevertheless, I am open to new information. With appreciation, Sincerely, Shelley

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