What Really Matters

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  1. Ok, said I was leaving for good….sorry Ben couldn’t do it.

    Huckabee…good guy but didn’t do much for Arkansas (Yes Shelley, I lived there from 92-00). He will be a sleeping president, meaning he will serve his term and collect his pension but don’t expect any real change.

    And in fairness, who really is going to do what they say? NO ONE. Look at all of them. It is like the old saying “those that can’t do….teach” well those that can’t really work…go into politics. It is either that or sell you cars, lots of empty promises just to get that commission.

    Think about it, they all spend 30+ MILLION on election campaigns, taking off about 1-5 million of that because they use “loopholes (let’s talk integrity)” to “pay” members of their family (sometimes family pets) an average of 175,000 to “help” on the campaign trail, use the money to buy new houses, cars, boats, etc and then say “we are out of money….you must give us more America is a stake!”, no just their version of “their America”.

    Think of all the real change they could all do if they used that combined 100-300 Million to build homes, feed the homeless, visit the shut ins….oh but that would be too close to what they say they are going to do as leaders……but to actually not seek title and power….come on; even huckabee can’t resist that. WWJD? Didn’t he say if you did it for the least you did it for me?

    Now, over to Shelley….stay classy San Diego.

  2. 🙂
    My sons, 13 and 17, had to explain to me what in the world you were talking about with, “Stay classy, San Diego.”
    I had never heard of the movie, and am still not sure what your meaning is. It seems my comments may be annoying somewhat to some…. or, maybe it is the number of them….
    Once the bookstore is open again, I will have very little time to spare, especially to blog. Meanwhile, I am thoroughly enjoying reading and debating on this and WORLD magazine’s blogs. The fun won’t last!

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