For Crying Out Loud!

Well, it looks like Starbucks is going to offer free wi-fi…but, of course, there’s a hitch. For hailing itself as a cutting-edge company, they’ve really dropped the ball on this one. Read more here and here.



  1. In our old location, we offered wi-fi access to our customers (unlimited time); we asked only that they purchase one drink (ANY drink) each time they wished to receive an access code.
    In our new location, we will offer the same.
    I also plan to eventually have one or two computers available for use by customers, for internet access, for a reasonable “rental” fee.

  2. Yeah, I agree they dropped the ball on this one. They can’t resist the $. The Starbucks near me is beside a place that offers it so I usually jump on there but…come on Starbucks, pony up!

  3. My basic beef with Daddy Starbucks (and I feel I can complain since I faithfully worked there for over 10 years) is that they have the money. A smaller coffee shop like Shelley’s I have no problem paying for wi-fi. But Starbucks has the cash to pull this off.

    Sure, people will flood in just for the wi-fi but at least there are customers coming in. They’ll just have to work harder winning them over with coffee, which is what they should befocusng on and not cd’s, books, movies, etc (but don’t get me started on this)….

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